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Ceramics Studio is an artist and crafter living in the city of Zurich. She is expert in using traditional methods to craft ceramics, using the most popular equipment of the old-school craftsmen, namely a handplane, a sander, a gouache, and a paint brush. She combines these elements into a unique and unique process. What we are here for? You may call us a shop or call us a studio - welcome both!

The Bocconists is a European studio of Ceramics, the creation of the British artist Gwen Boccon. The studio was opened in 2007 and we have dedicated our life to ceramics and other art forms connected to the art of Gwen Boccon. We are inspired by the art of the British artist, Gwen Boccon. We are passionate about the arts and our work is dedicated to the public, artists and collectors.

jessica-ruscello-G8vPQ-XVxxY-unsplash (1).png

The studio was formed by a group of students with a love and appreciation for traditional Chinese and Japanese ceramics. We are dedicated to providing a personalized experience in the studio, focusing on the craft, the artist and the client. Our studio is designed to bring out the beauty of the natural wood and stone. We always aim to make sure that each customer makes the right decision.

We work with our clients to design their unique art projects. We work with the clients to decide on their art style, color palette and style, time frame and material. We have designed a lot of ceramics for our clients and we have the experience for designing them. There are no limits to our skills and experience. We believe in providing the best craftsmanship and making the best decisions when it comes to the design of your art.