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I was a kid, living in a small town, when I discovered electronic music and Instantly fell in love with it. I was also a DJ. I became a DJ for two years and then moved to London. I now do a lot of work in EDM and doing videos as a DJ. And I also play with different electronic music bands and have played with artists like Dannii Minogue, Kaskade, Bassnectar and many more. I also do the live show. I’m very happy to play anything, from the moment I arrived to the end of the night.

What my friend John wrote about me recently is:

He is known for his unique sound, his personality, and his ability to create a dynamic and captivating performance. His musical influences are a combination of Moya, Deyna, Neff, and D-Negative. He also draws from the works of many composers and artists, including the likes of Frank Zappa, Chaka Khan, The Beatles, The Doors, and Talking Heads.

I was also featured in a huge magazine! Here's a snippet from that:

This passion led him to discover the beauty of art in 2012 and has lead him to develop his own unique style, often mixing and matching influences from both the electronic and the acoustic worlds. His electronic beats can be heard at the likes of EDC Prague, Pissed In London and TAP into the mix. His ambient and electronic beats help move the beats, giving the sound a unique and vibrant character.
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